Sometimes it happens you want to share..

.. and it happens you find the reasons to finally do it.
It’s not the first time I think I have something to share, but even the closest time I came to that.. well, then I finally failed for some reasons.
Maybe because I couldn’t reach that level of ‘presentable status’ I thought it was necessary, or maybe because I found a better way to spend my time (after all it’s not a job) or simply just because I thought that nobody would have been interested in my work.
Well, this time I want to try to write things the way they come, imperfect as they are (after all it’s not a job) and just for the shake of doing it, without questioning myself if will be of any interest to anybody.

I like to make stuff. I like to open things and see how they work.
I started when I was a child and.. well I still feel this way.
I’m fascinated by the beauty of a well designed object (I don’t mean just the way it looks, but more about the way it can solve a problem or more simply how it improve my sense of satisfaction). I can stand still in front of something for hours (well minutes..) thinking about all the processes that had to be placed from the concept to the construction and be amazed of it. Even before touching or using it.
I like the perfection of an unboxed object as well the intrinsically beauty that reside in an old and abused one.
I like people who don’t stop using something the way it comes out of the box, but who think how to improve and forge it to their personal needs. And then they to it. A very difficult step to take… Marks the difference between words and action.
I saw wonderful ideas all over the net. Sometimes extremely complex and sometimes so simple that you just can’t figure out why nobody did it before. Sometimes perfectly working and sometimes… not.
And I love all of them. I love to see people thinking, creating, sharing. During these years I’ve got so much from all of your work! Now it’s time to give something back to you. Maybe you will find my ideas un-useful, buggy, or maybe nobody will even read these few lines, but this is what makes everything great if you think about it!
Ideas looking for other makers around the globe. Sitting on the net waiting for a google search…

Unperfected ideas leads to improvements. (That’s a different way to say: if you don’t try you won’t get it). Even my English its highly imperfect, but… Hey, you know.. It’s not a job 😉

Written on a car during a trip to my lovely mountain escape.
Hopefully something will follow.


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One thought on “Sometimes it happens you want to share..

  1. Thanks from Bushmills 😉

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