Into the 3D printer world

I’ve always thought “soon or later” I’m going to buy one.
But how much is going to cost me? And especially: how much time is it going to take??
Well.. it’s time to discover it since after my visit to the Makers Faire in Milan i finally bought one.

Power Wasp at Makers Faire Milano

Power Wasp at Makers Faire Milano

There where many models exposed and all of them looked pretty nice and “solid” , but my preferences went to a POWERWASP because I had the opportunity to talk to it’s creator and I felt it was nice to be able to have a good contact with the man who knows the printer as nobody else. This will be helpful in case of any problem or in future discussion about how to improve it. Off course the net it’s full off people ready to share and help you in case of needs. There are forums, blog etc. but knowing the man who developed the idea of this printer it’s, on my advice, a real plus!

Power Wasp with extruder

Power Wasp with extruder

He’s a very smart man with solid ideas. Not seeking for the most fashionable or trendy thing but, looking and adopting only the solutions that really works and add quality to the final result.
The printer is fabulously built, the most solid I’ve seen up to date, and it’s full of his experience in the CNC world. In fact this printer is so well designed that can also be used for this scope holding a tool like a Dremel or Proxxon up to 5 kg!!
Exactly: you can print things or carve things!! A real building machine!! Fabulous 🙂
I’ll soon try to build a controller using this machine to create the pcb and the case! Fabulous!

I’ll post an article on this printer as soon I have the time to document it and not to play with it ;-), but meanwhile, have a look to it’s website and the incredible specs of this machine:
You will find it a little different compared to the others, and believe me: this machine rocks!!
Full of power and extremely precise.
It’s design remember me the extremely intresting Ultimaker printer (same electronics, and same Bowden extruder solution ), but it has a larger printer plate of 260 x 200 x 210 mm, a printing resolution of 50 micron and a printing speed of 200 mm/s. It’s extrusor its completely different and it’s so smart! and… ok.. I really have to do a post just for that….
By the way, I’m now fully into this new, exciting and… time consuming world!

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