My (bad) experience with AlphaCrucis Store

I’ve made purchases from online-shops since the very beginning of the internet era.
I’ve bought from so many different shops all over the world that i can’t keep count, from small “garage based” sellers to international distributors and I’m an ebay user since 2000 with a 100% positive feedback.
During all this time I had just few problems, but this is the first time I feel like I have to tell you about a shop: AlphaCrucis.
It’s a really nice shop with nice products and prices! But the service and customer care…I placed the first order one year ago and I’m still waiting for a refund they agreed (after months) because I payed for a UPS delivery and they voluntarily (yes it was not a mistake as they wrote me that they thought it was better for me) used the regular option. The problem is that the charged me for the more expensive delivery option and used the cheaper one. That obviously arrived later…
But the real problem came with the new order I placed this December..
This is the whole conversation if you want to read it. I won’t express any judgment, it’s up to you. Please note the dates 😉

McMos –> 12/17/2012 10:22:15

This order contains Christmas gifts and need to be delivered before the 21th.
If any item is not in stock please contact me so that we can modify it.
Thank you

McMos –> 12/18/2012 14:53:22

I didn’t receive any feedback, can you please update me. If you don’t have all items PLEASE DON’T WAIT for a single shippment. Just let me know so we can work it out.
Thank you

McMos –> 12/19/2012 10:35:52

I see you made a partial shipping without contacting me first. Maybe I could have replaced some parts.
Can you please indicate the items not shipped?

McMos –> 12/27/2012 15:19:13

Do you ever answer to messages? What a shame you run your business this way. You have a nice shop, but a terrible service.
Just refund what you have not shipped.

McMos –> 01/07/2013 16:14:39

After my last message I received this: 
” Just read your messages 🙂
PS : perhaps in the spam folder ? “
Well I double checked all my message and the spam folder AND nothing is there…
I don’t know how you normally do business but this is quite annoying. 
You dont’s show on the website if product’s are not in stock.
You don’t reply to questions.
You ship a partial order before contacting me as requested
You don’t give any indication to the remaning items

I already placed an order with you some time ago and payed for UPS. You didn’t use UPS but a normal courier, and NEVER refunded the difference.
You let your systems be hacked, proving a not so secure online shop.
After all this I placed an order and seems to me nothing has improved.
This is really bad

McMos –> 01/09/2013 16:38:59

Never got a replay therefore today I opened a Formal contestation with the credit card customer service and wrote a detailed review of your service on my blog as well on all the forums I follow.
People needs to know how much is unsafe to buy from you.
Best regards, 

McMos –> 01/17/2013 11:15:42

You don’t fool me. Right after my message you marked the order as shipped (two times and with no trace code).
And obviously didn’t replay. 
I’s nice to see that many others customer you had are experiencing the same insatisfaction. Well done..

AlphaCrucis –> 01/17/2013 14:52:55

Being agressive doesn’t make people kinder.
Here is the tracking link. LE017649497FR&client=Particulier&Submit=Rechercher
We don’ fool any people. 400 orders processed per day. Most professional people and companies. Only issues with private people..
Legal & Antifraud team

McMos –> 01/17/2013 17:02:19

I’m not private, we are a company.
You better check what’s being told about you on the net.
Aslo I’ve never been aggressive, but you never been professional:
– wrote you 8 message, got ZERO replay
– ordered ONE MONTH ago and still waiting
– NEVER been refunded for my previous order as you promised

…and you think you are on the right side….
you just wrote two arrogant email and NEVER replayed to ANY question I kindly asked since the 17th of November.
Don’t forget my refund

McMos –> 01/22/2013 11:42:56

HAHAHA! this is going to be funny for everyone is following my misadventure online:
as I told you about the contestation of the payment, you marked the items as shipped (12/1/2012) but it was NOT TRUE because as everyone can see the delivery has been made just today, after 10 days! HAHAHA you are right, you don’t fool people… HAHAHA

Problems may happen, but a serious seller should be kind enough to answer to his customers, give explications and sometimes… apologize, but never being arrogant and opinionated.
This is what i’ve got:
the first replay -> after one month
answers to my questions? -> none
all the items arrived? -> nope
all the items have been shipped? -> didn’t tell me
the refund they agreed -> never..
But they only made clear that “they” (not me) have problems with private people. This is their primary concern.
What do you think? Would you buy from them knowing how do they care of you?

Maybe I’ve been sarcastic but after I didn’t receive any replay for ONE MONTH and 7 emails, I think it’s normal…
The funny thing it’s that they never apologized, of course they are completely right… and don’t have to respond to your legitimate questions.
I’m still waiting for my items … … … I’m sorry AlphaCrucis, I’m really a bad customer … … ;-P

Just a final notice: in June i received an email from them that make me worry a lot about my personal data.
Looks like they are really loved around the net 😉
This is an extract:

Our company and our group have been suffered numerous attacks over the past three weeks, the most important between Thursday, June 14 and Saturday, June 16.

– Our phone lines have been saturated by rogue automated calls via Skype
– Our mail server was attacked and sabotaged, with destruction of emails and accounts
– Our blog has been attacked and sabotaged
– Some old maintenance copies of our customer database and our products database have been stolen and destroyed
– Our database of products images has been siphoned
– We have to cope with a smear campaign on several forums including one moderated by one of our competitors

yeah… smear campaign from bad competitors… maybe I’m also a bad competitor isn’t it AlphaCrucis?
Of course if you think i’m wrong I’ll apologize

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3 thoughts on “My (bad) experience with AlphaCrucis Store

  1. Max39

    Read my post on arduino forum. I contact arduino and post mail.,144771.0.html

    You are not alone… But if there is a problem avout security, I will take preventive action with my bank. After my order arrive I will delete my account there.

  2. Esben

    I also had a bad experience with AlphaCrucis. They did a partial delivery without asking, one item was missing, they never gave me a delivery date for the rest of the items, and they ignored my mails for three weeks. When they did answer they tried to intimidate me with litigations. I’ve now made a claim for a refund for the items they haven’t delivered. If they do not comply, I’ll have my bank take back the money.

    Don’t buy anything there. It is too much trouble! Besides, if they treat all their customers like this, I’m sure they’ll be out of business soon.

  3. Bots

    I also had a partial delivery without asking, one item was missing,.
    And it seems they dont answer mails quicky !!!

    Did you see that the owners of Alphacrucis = Approved media SA have previouly a Society named

    Wild Palms music who never payed the artists and disapeared ?

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