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My (bad) experience with AlphaCrucis Store

I’ve made purchases from online-shops since the very beginning of the internet era.
I’ve bought from so many different shops all over the world that i can’t keep count, from small “garage based” sellers to international distributors and I’m an ebay user since 2000 with a 100% positive feedback.
During all this time I had just few problems, but this is the first time I feel like I have to tell you about a shop: AlphaCrucis.
It’s a really nice shop with nice products and prices! But the service and customer care… Continue reading

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New year pool!! What do you think about this blog?

Well.. I know I didn’t post a lot, but I’m questioning myself if this blog can be of any interest for you.
I’m curious to know it and get some feedback from you so I can better focus my future post.
Thanks four your valuable feedback!
Have a great 2013 😉
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Sometimes it happens you want to share..

.. and it happens you find the reasons to finally do it.
It’s not the first time I think I have something to share, but even the closest time I came to that.. well, then I finally failed for some reasons.
Maybe because I couldn’t reach that level of ‘presentable status’ I thought it was necessary, or maybe because I found a better way to spend my time (after all it’s not a job) or simply just because I thought that nobody would have been interested in my work.
Well, this time I want to try to write things the way they come, imperfect as they are (after all it’s not a job) and just for the shake of doing it, without questioning myself if will be of any interest to anybody.
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