Why McMos??

This is a really nice question:

why McMos??

It can be seen in two different way I suppose: why did I choose to open a blog or why did I choose this name..

Well, the reasons why I opened this bolg can be found somewhere in my posts like this one but the story about the name can be a little bit more funny.
For those who have seen a TV serial called “New Girl” this sketch can be of some familiarity, but even for those who have never seen it before can be kind of funny.

So here the reason of this name:

Why? I dunno, maybe just because I saw it when I was thinking to open this blog and I thought it was funny, who knows!!! Froid come in help please!
Anyway now you know how to spell it and where it come from.

Who the hell is McMos ?!?!?!

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