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Upgrade: Print without a pc for less than 10‚ā¨ (part 1)

Ever wanted to run your 3D printer directly from SD card? This hack enables you to print from an SD card without the need of a PC.
Basically all you need to do is a cable to connect a SD module to your printer, but in this post I’m also going to show you how to create/adapt a SD module in case you don’t already have one.

You can use any SD module you like. MicroSD, SD, or even build your own! I'll show you how

You can use any SD module you like. MicroSD, SD, or even build your own! I’ll show you how

Despite I’m working on a control panel with some innovative features (look here), I’ve been asked to publish a super-cheap solution that can make you print without the need of a pc (or like in my case a Mac).
Printing without the need of a PC has many benefits, the first one of course it’s that… well… you don’t need a PC.
It could seem a stupid thing to say, but when you have to print a big file and you want to use your pc, you realize it’s not that banal after all ūüėČ

Notice that Marlin firmware already supports a feature called “autostart” to automatically print a file from a SD card, but in my opinion it needs some improvments to make it more reliable for the scope we want.
This first post (of 3) will illustrate the “hardware” part of the solution: the SD card reader and how to build the cable to connect it to your printer.
Part two will be about the changes of the firmware, and part three will be about how to provide an enclosure and some improvements for a even better experience.

SKILL: not for a rookie  if you want to build your own SD board, otherwise: not difficult at all
TIME: from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the options
TOOLS: a soldering iron, hot glue (optional)
COMPONENTS:¬†1 SD card module (or components to build it), 30cm of 10 wire ribbon cable, 1 2×5 ¬†female Molex connector, 10 female plugs
1 LED, 1 resistor, 1 push button (see part 3)

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Preview – A new panel on the block: POWERPANEL

This post is about a new panel I designed and the code to control it.
It features all the simplicity and functionality of the Utilpanel/Ultimaker controller PLUS:
3 configurable buttons, for frequently used functions
1 Emergency Stop button
1 Expansion port to connect and control external devices (like photocameras, heated bed, probes etc.)


POWERPANEL first alpha version

THIS IS THE STORY (You may want to jump this part)
After few days I played with my new 3D printer I discovered that controlling it without a pc (or in my case a Mac) would have been really cool.
Not having the Mac forced to sit colse to the printer for hours is a real plus. Also having all the important information about the printer at a glance is always useful and if you are attempting to calibrate it (think about the eSteps), using a controller really speed up things!
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